The Mežica mine

The Mežica ore deposit bears the ore in the so called Wetterstein and Partnach strata of the Middle and Upper Trias, making this site one of five lead-zinc deposits in Europe; it is exceptionally rich in numerous, rare minerals.
The Glančnik tunnel, which is partly in the Moring district and was constructed in 1886,l connects dispersed ore deposits and is one of the longest tunnels in the Mežica mine. Its construction was one of the most important milestones in the mine. A part of the Moring district is in the very centre of the ore deposit, where all the tehnical facilities for ore production are concentrated. The original apperance of the mining workplace has been preserved here and shows mining machinery, equipment and tools through time. In one part of the Moring deposit, there are well-preserved tunnels and ore winning sites, with prosiles of the most important ore-containing Ladinic layers, as well as ore formations typical for Mežica deposits.


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