Geo-Project day

Each year, we will suggest a topic to kindergartens and schools in order to organize a geo-project day. Schools are responsible for the organization and we help them with the necessary contents.

The topic in 2018/2019 is: "Minerals and crystals - wonderful creations of nature"

The topic in 2017/2018 is: "The pulse of nature"

The topic in 2016/2017 is: "We are UNESCO"

The topic in 2015/2016 is: "Fossils - stories from the past"

The topic in 2014/2015 was: "Diverse, colourful, life - in our forest is interesting"

The topic in 2013/2014 was: "Volcanoes - The Earth erupts, on the surface something is brewing!"

The topic in 2012/2013 was: "Dinosaurs - the extict life ot the Earth"

This year's result is also a children's book, invented and illustrated by the children of the kindergarten Črna na Koroškem:


 - ČAROBNI SPREDOZAVER   (Magic Frontsaur)

 - SPREDOZAVER IN KRALJ MATJAŽ  (Frontsaur and the King Matjaž)


The Topic in 2011/2012 was:  "Water and stone - inseparable parts of nature"

Read the "Geo-news", to see what the schools have created, researched, practiced and where have they been last years.


Workshops “Fossils – Stories from the past” – Podzemlje Pece, Mežica, Slovenia


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