It’s fun, it’s educational and no chore

Within the framework of the educational programme caled "It’s fun, it’s educational and no chore - Karavanke Geopark", courses for teachers and workshops for kindergarten and school children are organized. We have also created folders with teaching materials.

We offer Geo-workshops for children and students of different ages and also for their kindergarten teachers.


GEO-ADVENTURES - workshops for children under 9 years

In the workshops children learn through playful way about the geology and geological peculiarities of the Geopark Karavanke, thereby developing a positive attitude towards this heritage and the long term will also contribute to its conservation. Workshops are carried out in the Geopark Karavanke Information Centre Podzemlje Pece in Mežica. The theme of the workshop can be individually adjusted to the group.

MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF STONES, MINERALS AND FOSSILS - workshops for children from 9 years on and high school students

Children and students develop mainly through experience on the practical examples of tasks a positive attitude towards the geological heritage. The workshop is designed in such way that they are closer to the fieldwork of geologists, so base of petrology, mineralogy, paleontology, hydrogeology, with simultaneous emphasis on nature conservation and geological heritage. To carry out this workshop we need enough samples of rocks, minerals and fossils as well as certain technical tools. These workshops are organized in four thematic areas: rocks, minerals and crystals, fossils and water. They shall be implemented in the Geopark Karavanke Information Centre Podzemlje Pece in Mežica (Slovenia). Theme and duration of the workshops can be individually adjusted to the group. We recommend the workshop together with visiting the tourist mine and museum collections. Suitable for implementation in the context of natural science, project  and tehnical days.


IT'S FUN, IT'S EDUCATIONAL AND NO CHORE - educational workshops for school-, highschool- and kindergarden-teachers

The purpose of the activities is the implementation of professional training workshops for teachers and encouragement to their experience ready to implement innovations in teaching content in geology and natural sciences. The aim of these workshops is to prepare material that will assist in exploring the geology and the particularities of the Geopark Karavanke and the home environment; preparation of teaching accessory for students and children, as well as for teachers; training of teachers for independent  practical and theoretical as well as project work with pupils and children on topics related to geology.



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