The Velika uharica ethnological path

The trail begins in the village of Libeliče from where nature trail leads to mountain Libeliška gora, under the farms Kumež, Škurlej and pass the farm Šubernik, which is the highest vantage point with attitude of 612 meters. ... Geopath Details

The Dravograd - Castle educational trail

The educational trail Dravograd-Castle is 2 km long, circular route which starts in the forest above the centre of Traberg. The footpath leads through the wooded, grassy and bushy landscape. ... Geopath Details

Green educational trail Teber

Access and starting point: behind the hotel in Črna na Koroškem

Length: 800 m, partially circular ... Geopath Details

The Lavamünd Geopath

Along the Lavamünd Geopath, the history of the Earth from Devon to the Quaternary can be discovered. Visitors can learn about the rocks of former mountain ranges, about deposits of the first Alpine layers, as well as about the shaping of the landscape that is visible now. ... Geopath Details

The Steinberger spring and Bees Trail

The Bleiburger spring has a soft spring water which it attributed healing effects for eye diseases and general exhaustion. ... Geopath Details

The Mežica Geopath

The nature trail starts in front of the Tourist Mine and Museum in Glančnik, which houses a collection of minerals, stones, and mineral fossils. ... Geopath Details

The Pudlach/Neuhaus water adventure

Along the Motschulabach Stream flowing into the River Drava, there are several interactive stations that give insight into the world of nature in a playful manner. ... Geopath Details


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