The Petzen Geotrail – The mysterious Petzen – a karst mountain and a former glacier

Length: 10.4 km

Height difference: 867 m

Walking time: 5 hours

Refreshments: the Siebenhütten Mountain Station; lodges: the Dom na Peci Mountain Lodge, the Wackendorferalm Lodge

The cross-border Petzen Geotrail runs along the Petzen ridge, with access from the Siebenhütten (the station of the cable car), the Wackendorfer Alm Lodge (Austria), or from the Dom na Peci Mountain Lodge (Slovenia). The Petzen is a karst mountain range on the border of Slovenia and Austria in the eastern part of the Karavanke, with numerous karst springs largely on the Austrian part of the mountain. Although the Petzen was not covered by the Drava glacier during the Ice Age, traces of former local glaciers can still be found.


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