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Fascination of the Geopark Karavanke: From Europe to Africa and back again! Walking between former volcanoes and glaciers! The Geopark Karavanke has a network of over 1,200 kilometres of trails where numerous geological natural gems can be found. The geotrails are dedicated to these natural gems. Along the geotrails, you can discover karstified forms or witnesses volcanic activity.

An essential element of the Geopark is the Periadriatic Seam which crosses many geotrails and evokes the impression that the visitor is hiking from Europe to Africa or vice versa. In addition to the geotrails, the Geopark provides a variety of thematic trails. On these trails, various topics are provided, such as the local flora and fauna, water experience, birdwatching, or cultural history. Generally, the trails are easy to walk and take an average of about 2-3 hours.

The 6 geotrails and 3 geopaths are only a selection of special experiences in the Geopark, and can be experienced in addition to all other possible hiking destinations by means of guided hikes. Feel free to organise an individual tour with a professional guide at the Geopark information centres.
Along the way, a specially trained mountain guide teaches you about specific geological processes through easily comprehensible animations.

For details, please click the listed trails or paths.


The Eisenkappler circular Geotrail
The Hainschgraben Geotrail
The Hochobir Geotrail – The highest peak in the Geopark Karavanke
The Mela Koschuta Geotrail - The bizarre Karavanke
The accessible Trögerner Klamm Geotrail
The Petzen Geotrail – The mysterious Petzen – a karst mountain and a former glacier
The Mela Koschuta Geotrail - The bizarre Karavanke Kopie
The Mela Koschuta Geotrail - The bizarre Karavanke Kopie Kopie


The Velika uharica ethnological path
The Dravograd - Grad educational trail
Green educational trail Teber
The Lavamünd Geopath
The Steinberger spring and Bees Trail
The Mežica Geopath
The Pudlach/Neuhaus water adventure


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