About us

The Geopark Karavanke is a crossborder geopark connected and devided by the mountain range with the same name.
The Geopark is located between two Alpine mountains that exceed 2,000 metres: The Petzen/Peca and the Koschuta. It is marked by the rich, geological variety between the Alps and Dinarides.

The administrative borders of the Geopark follow the borders of 14 municipalities.

Surface: 1067 km²
Population: 53.000

Goals of the Geopark Karavanke:

  • Protection and obtaining of natural resources
  • Rasing awareness, educating and positioning of the Geopark
  • Economic values of the Geopark (Geotourism, renewable energy resouces)
  • Cross-border cooperation and regional developement


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