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Information centres

The Geopark Karavanke Information Centre "World of geology" in Bad Eisenkappel

Here, the locals and the tourists, the non-professionals as well as experts find an exciting and interactive overview of the tourist offer and the genesis of the whole area. ... mehr anzeigen

The Geopark Karavanke Information Centre in Mežica - Podzemlje Pece

The Information Centre in Mežica gives the Geopark Karavanke a significant added value because it represents a central point or the heart of the Geopark. At the same time, it also serves as an important additional offer for showing the mine and museum in Mežica. ... mehr anzeigen


The Hemmaberg-Juenna archaeological museum of Pilgrims

The Hemmaberg-Juenna Archaeological Museum of Pilgrims opens a gateway to the historical past of Globasnitz. It invites visitors for a diverse and professionally staged walk through the museum which has perfected all aspects of its content, aesthetics, engineering, and pedagogy. ... mehr anzeigen

Museum in Mežica

The building in Glančnik where you can find the museum today was built in 1928 by the English owners of the mine.

Various collections are on display at the museum: ... mehr anzeigen

The Koroška Regional Museum

The Koroška Regional Museum is an important institution in Koroška responsible for the protection of movable cultural heritage in the twelve municipalities of the Koroška region. Furthermore, the museum also collaborates with Slovenians in Austrian Carinthia. ... mehr anzeigen

The Liaunig Museum

The Liaunig Museum houses a striking collection of contemporary paintings and graphic works. Among the more notable artists are Marc Adrian, Hans Bischoffshausen, Arnulf Rainer, and Hans Staudacher. Equally representative is the selection of Austrian sculptors and object artists, such as Otto Eder, Bruno Gironcoli, or Fritz Wotruba. ... mehr anzeigen

The Leše Mining Museum

In the centre of Leše, a mine museum room is set up in the technical and mining heritage building called ‘Frlescimer’. Exhibits of mining heritage collectors and the Koroška Regional Museum are on display. ... mehr anzeigen

The Werner Berg Museum

The Werner Berg Museum was opened in 1968 in Bleiburg as the Werner Berg Gallery. This museum was the first Austrian monographic museum, and today it preserves the vast collection of Werner Berg. ... mehr anzeigen

Permanent Collection in the Bukovje mansion "The war in Slovenia in year 1991"

On the ground floor of the Bukovje mansion in Dravograd was at the 20th anniversary of independence of Slovenia opened permanent exhibition “The war in Carinthia in year 1991. ... mehr anzeigen

Libeliče - The plebiscite, the black kitchen, the ossuary, and an ethnological collection

The museum collection tells stories about the life and events with historic character due to the location near the border, as well as the scenic character of the municipality of Dravograd. The black kitchen in Libeliče is one of the finest and largest of such premises in Slovenia. ... mehr anzeigen


The Zell/Sele Alpine Centre

The Zell/Sele Geology and Alpine Centre is the starting point for all hikes in the Zeller Hochtal Valley. Moreover, it offers visitors a good overview of the geology of the Koschuta Massif. ... mehr anzeigen

THE HEMMABERG / THE ST. HEMA MOUNTAIN INFO POINT – a 1.500-year-old pilgrimage site

During the Migration Period around 400 AD, the Roman and Celtic population around Globasnitz settled on the Hemmaberg / St. Hema Mountain because of the safety the mountain provided. ... mehr anzeigen

The Feistritzbach stream info point

At the Information Point in Feistritz, water is the central feature.
Numerous interactive stations describe the value of water and why it is worthy to be protected: ... mehr anzeigen

THE TOPLA INFO POINT – are you in Africa or in Europe?

At the point where the Adriatic (once broken away from the African plate) and the Eurasian tectonic plates collide, we find a diverse geological structure with a unique living world. At the point where the past meets the present stands the TIC Topla Information Point. ... mehr anzeigen

THE SMREKOVEC INFO POINT – the extinct giant

The ‘Smrekovec – the Extinct Giant’ Information Point is located in the immediate vicinity of the Smrekovec Mountain Lodge. The purpose of the info point is to present the peculiarities and characteristics of the Smrekovec Mountain Range in a playful and educational way. ... mehr anzeigen


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