Information points

The Zell/Sele Alpine Centre

The Zell/Sele Geology and Alpine Centre is the starting point for all hikes in the Zeller Hochtal Valley. Moreover, it offers visitors a good overview of the geology of the Koschuta Massif. ... read more

THE HEMMABERG / THE ST. HEMA MOUNTAIN INFO POINT – a 1.500-year-old pilgrimage site

During the Migration Period around 400 AD, the Roman and Celtic population around Globasnitz settled on the Hemmaberg / St. Hema Mountain because of the safety the mountain provided. ... read more

The Feistritzbach stream info point

At the Information Point in Feistritz, water is the central feature.
Numerous interactive stations describe the value of water and why it is worthy to be protected: ... read more

THE TOPLA INFO POINT – are you in Africa or in Europe?

At the point where the Adriatic (once broken away from the African plate) and the Eurasian tectonic plates collide, we find a diverse geological structure with a unique living world. At the point where the past meets the present stands the TIC Topla Information Point. ... read more

THE SMREKOVEC INFO POINT – the extinct giant

The ‘Smrekovec – the Extinct Giant’ Information Point is located in the immediate vicinity of the Smrekovec Mountain Lodge. The purpose of the info point is to present the peculiarities and characteristics of the Smrekovec Mountain Range in a playful and educational way. ... read more


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