The Smrekovec Info Point - the extinct giant

The ‘Smrekovec – the Extinct Giant’ Information Point is located in the immediate vicinity of the Smrekovec Mountain Lodge. The purpose of the info point is to present the peculiarities and characteristics of the Smrekovec Mountain Range in a playful and educational way.

Visitors can clearly see that 23 million years ago a volcano erupted under the sea here. The volcanic eruption is also presented in a short film. Volcanic rock is ubiquitous on the Smrekovec Mountain Range. The diverse geological structure had offered special conditions for the emergence of life in this area. At the info point, you can test your knowledge on different tree species, learn the difference between a spruce and a fir, as well as determine the age of trees.
For inquisitive visitors, a touch-screen display is available at the info point, offering numerous and detailed information about the geological formation, structure, and history of the area, as well as information about the life of the locals and what the diverse natural area has to offer.

The Smrekovec Info Point is a test site where one can play and learn something new in a fun way. The info point area also serves as an outdoor classroom or just as a resting place after a tiresome hike. Each visitor can find something interesting for themselves! Welcome to the Smrekovec Mountain Range where you can experience the story of the extinct volcano from up close!

The Smrekovec Mountain Range is an exceptional natural area in Slovenia: not just because of its formation but also because of its relief, its waters, forests, plants, animals, and also because of the unique lifestyle of its inhabitants. In these diverse habitats, numerous rare plant and animal species are found. The area was declared a Natura 2000 protected area because it is important for the preservation of the natural values of the area. It is partly protected as a forest and nature reserve.


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