THE TOPLA INFO POINT – are you in Africa or in Europe?

At the point where the Adriatic (once broken away from the African plate) and the Eurasian tectonic plates collide, we find a diverse geological structure with a unique living world. At the point where the past meets the present stands the TIC Topla Information Point.

The Periadriatic Seam is the point of contact between the Adriatic and the Eurasian tectonic plate.

At the Topla Info Point, visitors can ‘reach’ the centre of the Earth and learn about the causes for the movement of tectonic plates. With the help of mechanical models and a game of matching pairs, they can familiarise themselves with the evidence for the movement of continents.
The youngest visitors can climb on rocks that were once part of the Periadriatic Seam or they can just have a rest at the information point. The information point can also serve as an outdoor classroom. Particular attention is also given to the local plant and bird life. At the Topla Tourist Information Centre, a film about the Geopark K;aravanke and the Topla Nature Park can be watched, and a beekeeping collection is on display on the first floor.

Visitors who wish to learn and explore the area in more detail can visit the very welcoming locals from the Topla Nature Park, follow the Periadriatic Seam into the Bistra (Feistritz) Valley or even further to ‘Najevska Lipa’ (the Najevnik linden tree), or even go to ‘the extinct giant’ on the Smrekovec Mountain Range.


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