The Werner Berg Museum

The Werner Berg Museum was opened in 1968 in Bleiburg as the Werner Berg Gallery. This museum was the first Austrian monographic museum, and today it preserves the vast collection of Werner Berg. Its permanent collection consists of numerous oil paintings, woodcuts, sketches, and a representative insight into the life’s work of the 1904-Elberfeld-born artist. The home of the museum is a centuries-old building at the Bleiburg main square, which was soulfully revitalized in 1997 and represents the ideal setting for these artworks. The central theme of his works is the landscape and the people of his homeland (Lower Carinthia), observed from the point of view of a stranger as well as a lover. With his works, the province of Carinthia rose to prominence. His high-quality artwork is also testimony of the life in the preindustrial culture.

Opening time:

Exhibition Gottfried Helnwein – “Child” and Werner Berg – “Children”
from 20. May to 29. October 2017, Tuesday till Sunday, 10 a.m. – 18 p.m

Exhibition Heimo Kuchling – “Wege zum Bildwerk”
from 26. November to 17. December 2017


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